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Western Belting is one of Denver's premier distributors of electric motors, and can assist you in identifying and procuring an electric motor for any application.

Baldor LogoWestern Belting is proud to distribute Baldor Electric Motor's complete line of AC and DC Motors and Controls. Whether you need to simply replace a burnt out motor on a jobsite, or need assistance in designing a premium efficient drive system, Western Belting is here to make it easy for you.

Baldor YouTube Feature: Cast Iron Frame AC Motors are Manufactured at Baldor's Athens, Georgia Facility

Baldor Motor Denver Warehouse
Baldor Electric Motor's Denver Warehouse

Western Belting picks up at the local Baldor regional warehouse twice a day, and offers free delivery within the Denver Metro area.

Baldor Motor

Energy Efficiency and Premium Efficient Motors

On December 19, 2007, the Energy Independance and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) was signed into law. A critical component of the act was increasing the energy efficiency of electric motors. As part of EISA, general purpose motors manufactured after December 19, 2010 had to match or exceed National Electric Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Premium® efficiecy levels.

Western Belting can assist you in saving money by replacing a standard efficiency motor with a new Premium Efficient Motor. We can also assist you in identifying and procuring a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Soft starters can reduce the load on the motor and increase energy efficiency.

Western Belting can help you increase energy efficiency on existing drives by replacing a V-belt drive with a synchronous Gates Poly Chain® GT® Carbon Drive™.


Efficiency Resources:

Baldor Electric Motors: First in Energy Efficiency since 1920

Requirements of EISA via Baldor (PDF)

Leeson Motors Energy Efficient Solutions

NEMA Premium® Motor Information

Wikipedia Guide to Premium Efficiency

YouTube Video: Improve Motor and Drive Efficiency with XCel Energy

Xcel Energy Motor Rebate Program

Xcel Energy currently has rebates in place for buying new 1-500 HP motors or upgrading from existing low-efficiency motors.

"Motors are expensive because 98% of your motor’s cost is energy to run the motor; therefore, a hasty decision or doing nothing has operational cost implications."

XCel Energy's website has more information about the benefits of upgrading to a premium efficiency electric motor, what rebates are currently offered, and how to qualify.


XCel Energy Logo
Cooling Tower Drive

Nord Logo

Nord Drivesystems Motors and Gearmotors

Western Belting is proud to offer Nord motors and gearmotors for a wide range of applications. Nord specializes in providing integrated solutions, including helical inline, helical bevel, and helical worm gear drives.

Nord LogoNord GearmotorNord Inverter


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Leeson Electric Motors

Leeson Electric Motors full line of motor and gearmotor products includes Lincoln Motors, Grove Gear and Electra-Gear products. Leeson has a local Denver stocking warehouse, and prides itself in its customer first approach.


Western Belting inventories a complete line of AC and DC electric motors, gear motors and controls from the leading manufacturers. From sub-fractional 1/100 HP to integral 5000 HP, Western Belting Company can supply your electric motor and control requirements.


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