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Western Belting was established in 1918 as Western Belting & Packing Company.  The company was located on Wazee Street in downtown Denver, three blocks away from where Coors Field sits today.  Originally, Western Belting manufactured leather transmission belting and leather packing material, and distributed associated products.  As a leather specialist, Western Belting made a diverse line of products, including everything from gun slings to industrial belting.  Belts manufactured by Western Belting have been marketed under the brands Hippo and Western Oak in the past, and some of the early customers of Western Belting have grown into established local-based companies and corporations.

In the late 1950’s Western Belting moved to primarily being a wholesales distributor, although some light manufacturing was still done where it complimented the industries that Western Belting served.  Western Belting has been serving the manufacturing industry since it was first established, and this continues to be true today.  The product line offered by Western Belting has grown and changed as new technologies emerged, but an unwavering commitment towards customer service and knowledgeable personnel has allowed Western Belting to adapt to a power transmission industry that continues to mature.