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Agricultural ProductsWestern Belting Company has been a partner with America's farming industry since it began as a manufacturer of leather transmission belting and packing in 1918.

As a supplier of the flat belting used on some of the first combines, Western Belting Company has played a valuable role in the agricultural industry. We carry a complete line of products and services to meet the need for today's industry to be a world class competitor.

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Flexco Mechanical Fastener Stock

Flexco Appllication Stories: Hay Grower Cuts Baler-Belt Maintenance and Downtime With Switch From Wire-Hook to Alligator® Rivet Belt Fasteners

A farmer covering his own land, plus additional contract bailing, was able to reduce downtime and extend the life of the fasteners on his baler belt with the help of Flexco's Alligator® Rivet baler belt fasteners.

"He also credited Alligator's wider loops and thicker hinge pin with extending pin life to about three months, in sharp contrast to the three-week life of the wire-hook hinge pins. Although the riveted splice is more expensive, he notes that over the life of the belts, he "gets that back and then some" by not having to resplice nearly as often."

Read the full story on Flexco's website.

Baldor Farm Duty Motor

Get the product that's designed specifically for your needs: Baldor's complete line of Farm Duty Motors with local stock in Denver, Colorado.

Covering a wide range of farm related applications, Baldor's line of Farm Duty Motors go from .33HP motors that have special farm duty epoxy paint for protection in harsh environments; a gasketed conduit box; and bearings lubed with high temperature grease; to the 50HP GDM4115T that is engineered for high pressure grain drying and storage for both commercial and farm applications.

Click here to view Baldor's line of Farm Duty Motors.

Chain for Agricultural Applications

Western Belting has been assisting the Colorado agriculture market since it began doing business in 1918. Whether your application requires precision roller chain, steel pintle chain, or steel detachable chain, we can help you find the right product at the right price.

667xh Agriculture Chain
Agriculture Products Stocked or Distributed by Western Belting in Colorado:
· Farm duty electric motors
· Baler belting
· Baler belt lacing
· Agricultural bearings
· Roller chain
· Sprockets
· V-belts
· Sheaves
· Oil seals
· Conveyor pulleys
· Steel detachable chain
· Detachable chain sprockets
· Buckets
· Screw conveyors
· Elevator components
· Lubricants
· PTO's and accessories